June 14, 2001
Why Falun Gong an evil cult? The Democratic Party asked the Chief Executive

May 10, 2001

Martin Lee Meets With President Clinton
April 28, 2001
  Open Letter to President Jiang
November 10, 2000
  Watch Out for the Slow Squeeze on Press Freedom in Hong Kong
October 11, 2000

The Democratic Party Reacts to the Fourth Policy Address: Disappointment for a Community Who Yearns for Democracy Disappointment for the Underprivileged

September 11, 2000
  The Democrats gain an extra geographical seat in the second Legislative Council
May 13, 2000
  Press Brief
May 3, 2000
  Day 2 in Washington, DC: Matin Lee Meet US Secretary of State and Passionate Opponents and Skeptics of PNTR for China
May 2, 2000
  Day 1 In Washington, DC: Martin Lee Meets US President President Democrats Make Strong Case for PNTR - and Human Rights -- at White House
March 8, 2000
  The Democratic Party Finds the 2000-2001 Budget Acceptable
January 27, 2000
Martin Lee receives the Goodman Fellowship from the University of Toronto
November 29, 1999
  The Democratic Party Gained 11 Seats in the District Councils Election
November 14, 1999
WTO Accession Can Fast-track China's Development of the Rule of Law
August 30, 1999
The Democratic Party meets Mr. Tung
June 30, 1999
Hong Kong Government Betrays Promise of "One Country, Two Systems"

June 26, 1999

NPC Standing Committee's Reinterpretation Inflicts Mortal Wound on the Rule of Law

June 3, 1999

  Democratically-elected Members of Legco Demand Meeting With State Council To Oppose Reinterpretation of the Basic Law

May 15, 1999

Democratic Urge Chief Executive Not to Seek Mainland Override of Highest Court

May 3, 1999

  Democrats Urge Chief Executive to Consult Democratically-Elected Re: Right of Abode

April 28, 1999

  Democrats Walk Out of Legislative Session Over Government Plan to Abolish Local Government Bodies

April 22, 1999

  Democratic Party condemns HK Government's refusal to issue entry visas to dissidents

April 13, 1999

  Democratic Party Chairman Travels to U.N. Human Rights Commission; Lee, To, Meet UN and Other Officials

March 11, 1999

  Democrats Fight for Democracy and Rule of Law in 24-hour Legco Session

February 26, 1999

Democratic Party Assails Political Pressure on Court of Final Appeal

February 24, 1999

Democratic Party Calls Government's Motion for Clarification on Court of Final Appeal Ruling "Unprecedented"

January 29, 1999

  Democratic Party Welcomes Court Ruling Establishing Right to Strike Down SAR and Central Government Actions As Uncinstitutional

January 11, 1999

  Martin Lee Responds to Suen Criticism of Democracy, Democrats

January, 9 1999

  Democratic Party Meets with Chief Executive; Criticizes Tung's Anti-Democracy Programme

January 2, 1999

  Democratic Party Chairman Hails Singaporean Demoratic Leader

December 21, 1998

  Democratic Press Constitutional Affairs Secretary for More Democracy

December 16, 1998

  Democrats Stage Walk-out to Protest Attack on Democracy in Legco Bill

 December 14, 1998

  Martin Lee to Attend Conference of Asian Democrats on Political Responses to Asian Economic Crisis
November 20, 1998 Democratic Part Chairman Martin Lee to Receive Claremont Institute's Statesmanship Award, Address UCLA Group

October 23, 1998

  Democratic Party Puts Forward 10 Point Proposal on 1999-2000 Budget

October 9, 1998

  Martin Lee Says "Too Early" to Judge the Success of "One Country Two Systems

October 8, 1998

  Martin Lee to Meet with Prime Minister Tony Blair

October 7, 1998

  Democrats Assail Tung's Failure to Lead; Call Tung Administration "Anti-Democratic"

September 14, 1998

Democracy Party Legislators Meet chief Executive C.H Tung: Press for Swifter Democratization and Explanation of Markets Intervention

July 3, 1998

  Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee Sits Down With US President Bill Clinton

July 2, 1998

  Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee to Meet with US President Bill Clinton

 May 28, 1998

  Martin Lee Welcomes US President's Visit to Hong Kong

May 25, 1998

  Pledges to Use Mandate to Fight for Full Democracy

May 2, 1998

  Democrats Accuse DAB of Deliberately Misrepresenting Record

April 23, 1998

  Democratic Party Members Albert Chan Wai-yip and John Tse Wing-ling Withdraw from Race

 April 20, 1998

  Democrats Respond to the Release of Chinese Activist Wang Dan

April 15, 1998

  Democratic Party Criticizes Xinhua's Election Interference

April 8, 1998

  Appointed Legislature Exempts Mainland Organizations from Hong Kong Laws

April 3, 1998

  Martin Lee and Democratic Party World Wide Web Site Announcement

March 31, 1998

  Xinhua and Government Law Exemption to be Rushed

March 29, 1998

  Democrats Condemn New Legislative Threat to Rule of Law

March 26, 1998

  No Chief Executive Meeting Before May 24 Elections

March 25, 1998

  The Democratic Party Releases May Election Platform

March 18, 1998

  Democratic Party Questions "One Country, Two Systems of Justice"

March 5, 1998

  Democratic Party Criticizes Moves to Muzzle Broadcaster

February 26, 1998

  Democratic Party Condemns Bill of Rights Amendments

February 23, 1998

  Hong Kong Election Farce Exposed: Tycoons with Dozens of Votes

February 19, 1998

  Democratic Party Assesses 1998/1999 Budget

   January 25, 1998

  Democratic Party Chinese New Year Booth

 January 16, 1998

  Democratic Party Meets Chief Executive Tung; Calls for Lower Taxes, Bird Flu Vigilance

January 15, 1998

  Democrats meet CE to discuss bird flu

January 6, 1998

  The Democratic Party on Avian Flu: Urgently Address Medical and Political Crises

January 5, 1998

  Democratic Party Condemns Functional Constituency Registration

January 2, 1998

DP Party Chairman Hails Singapore Democracy Leader; Calla on Singapore to Drop Charges

December 31, 1997

  Democratic Party New Year's Rally

December 29, 1997

  Democratic Party's 1997 Hong Kong Political Review -- One Country or Two Systems?

December 5, 1997

  Martin Lee meets top US Rights Official

November 28, 1997

  Democratic Party Condemns Major Election Spending Hike

November 6, 1997

  Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee in Brief West Coast Trip

September 29, 1997

  Condemns Passage of "Rotten" Electoral Law

September 20, 1997

  Democratic Party Proposals for the Chief Executive's Policy Address of 1997

September 15, 1997

  Martin Lee's Response to Anson Chan's Statements

  August 1, 1997

  The Democratic Party Welcomes New Members

  July 31, 1997

  Assessment of HKSAR at the One Month Mark

  July 29, 1997

  Regrets Court of Appeal Decision on Legality of Provisional Legislature

  July 21, 1997

  Urges No Border Exemption for People's Liberation Army

  July 8, 1997

  Condemns Future Electoral Arrangements

  July 1, 1997


June 17, 1997

  The Democratic Party Announces Handover Plans

 June 14, 1997

  Responds to Provisional Legislature's Law Amendments

 June 10, 1997

  Meeting with Chief Executive Designate

June 2, 1997

Martin Lee's Response to Chief Secretary Anson Chan's Comments on Hong Kong

  May 28, 1997

  Foreign Minister Robin Cook to Urge Support for Hong Kong's Freedom

May 27, 1997

  Meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair

  May 23, 1997

  Honorary Doctorate Degrees for Martin Lee

 May 2, 1997

Mr. Martin Lee responds to British Party Victory

April 28, 1997

Martin Lee Meets Margaret Thatcher

 April 18, 1997

  White House Meetings for Democratic Party

 April 17, 1997

  Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien in Ottawa

 April 14, 1997

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee and Legislator Andrew Cheng Meet Secretary of State Madeline Albright: US Pledge to Support Hong Kong People

  March 18, 1997

  The Democratic Party US and Canada Speaking Tour

  March 16, 1997

  Martin Lee to Receive The National Endowment for Democracy's 1997 Democracy Award

  February 25, 1997

  Europeans Concerned About the Future of Democratic Institutions and Freedoms

  February 20, 1997

  Democratic Party Statement on the Death of Deng Xiaoping

 February 11, 1997

Martin Lee's French Trip: "Extremely Successful"

 January 31, 1997

Democratic Party Chairman and Legislator Sin Chung Kai

January 24, 1997

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee and Legislator Sin Chung Kai Leave for 10-city European Trip to Discuss Future of Hong Kong with European Parliamentarians

January 19, 1997

The Democratic Party Responds to Preparatory Committee Proposals to Emasculate the Bills of Rights, to Real Kew Laws and to Reinstate a number of Draconian Colonial Laws

 January 12, 1997

Democratic Party Lauds China for Opening on Rights Pacts; Encourages Swift Adoption as Positive Sign for the Future

 January 9, 1997

Democratic Party Legislators Meet Chief Executive Designate C.H. Tung; Agreement on Importance of Working Together for Hong Kong's Future

 January 6, 1997

  Criticises China's Insistence Hong Kong People Pay for Appointed Legislature

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