2 May 1997

Mr. Martin Lee responds to British Party Victory

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee today responded to the victory for Tony Blair' British Labour Party and called on the new British leadership to visit Hong Kong soon and to actively defend Hong Kong' elected institutions, rule of law and way of life.

Commenting on the victory, Mr. Lee said:

"When I met Tony Blair last year, he assured me of his and the Labour Party's commitment to democratic institutions and the rule of law in Hong Kong.  I explained to him then the great damage an appointed legislature would do to freedoms and the rule of law in Hong Kong.  Since he has done so well in the British polls, I am sure Mr. Blair sees the importance of holding free and fair elections and the significance of a mandate from the  people.  No democratically elected politician would sanction an elected legislature being replaced by an illegal, appointed one.

Now that Mr. Blair and the Labour Party are in government, it is critical that he and likely Foreign Secretary Robin Cook visit Hong Kong and enunciate their Hong Kong policy as soon as possible.  As latest developments bode badly for freedoms, democracy and the rule of law after the handover, the world community will now look to the new British government and Mr. Blair to ensure the Joint Declaration is honoured and honoured in full."


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