Who we are:
The Democratic Party is a local political party which is a party for all Hong Kong people. Dedicated to the affairs of Hong Kong and concerned about the future of China, members of the Democratic Party are working for democracy, progress and prosperity for Hong Kong and China.
What we stand for:
We believe Hong Kong's future depends on freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. We are proud that the people of Hong Kong support us in our efforts to advance these key principles and pledge to continue our fight to advance Hong Kong people's rights -- especially the right to have a say over our own future.
Join with us:
The Democratic Party welcomes all who share our beliefs to unite in building a better future for Hong Kong. Although the May 24 elections will take place under restrictive new rules passed by the appointed legislature, the Democratic Party is committed to participating in the elections and to giving Hong Kong people a voice and a choice in their government. We are
confident that with Hong Kong people's support, we can continue to make a difference.
Founded in 1990, the Democratic Party was the first political party in Hong Kong. We have won the most seats in every election (at all three levels of government) ever held in Hong Kong. We were the largest party in the elected Legislative Council which was abolished by Beijing at the handover. Hong Kong's democratic institutions at all three levels of government -- the District Boards, Municipal Councils and Legislative Council -- were replaced by appointed so-called "provisional" bodies and in fact contain many members who have lost in elections.
Now, as part of China, it is still not clear whether Hong Kong can protect our freedoms under Communist rule, continue to spur the economic liberalisation of China and maintain our role as the heart of the Pacific Rim. But it is clear that the continuing international interest and support for a free and democratic Hong Kong gives us great hope for the future.

Although the 24 May 1998 elections took place under restrictive new rules passed by the appointed legislature, the Democratic Party and our allies participated in the elections in order to give Hong Kong people a voice and a choice in their government. As a result, we won two-thirds of the popular vote and one-third of the total seats. The overwhelming success of the Democratic Party in the 1998 elections is among the most significant political developments in Communist China's history.

The Democratic Party Founding Platform
List of Policy Spokespersons
List of Office Bearers
List of Legislative Councillors (1998-2000)
Message to Voters
The Democratic Party 1998 Legislative Council Election Platform
Democratic Party Candidates for 1998 Elections
For more information, please contact us at:
The Democratic Party
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Kowloon, Hong Kong
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E-mail: dpweb@dphk.org
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Office of Martin Lee
704A Admiralty Centre
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The Democratic Party Donation A/C No: Hongkong Bank 511-176497-004

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