On this page, you can learn about the Democratic Party legislative councillors(1998-2000). All are well-known advocates for freedom and the rule of law, who combined have decades of experience working for Hong Kong people. Democratic Party members range in profession from neurologist to construction worker -- but all share a common commitment to human rights and the preservation of our way of life in Hong Kong.

The Democratic Party faces many challenges. Hong Kong's battle for democracy must be waged on new ground as the electoral laws have been rigged by the appointed legislature to disadvantage the democratic forces. Under the new electoral changes, constituencies have been redrawn, campaign ceilings have been lifted, and voters must choose a "list" of candidates rather than individuals. The press releases on this Web site detail the anti-democratic changes to Hong Kong's election laws since the handover.

The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)-a U.S.-based nonprofit organization which monitors elections worldwide notes that "the government, the Preparatory Committee and the Provisional Legislature appear to have designed the system to minimize the representation of particular parties" and that "the new election law establishes a framework that maximizes power for economic and political elites and minimizes the participation of the citizens at large."

Despite these obstacles faced by Hong Kong's pro-democracy leaders, they are determined to give Hong Kong people a voice and choice in their government. Please read on to learn more about the Democrats' background and qualifications to represent you.



Martin Lee Chu-ming
Albert Ho Chun-yan
Szeto Wah
Andrew Cheng Kar-foo

Yeung Sum
 Lee Wing-tat
Fred Li Wah-ming
James To Kun-sun

Sin Chung-kai
Michael Ho Mun-ka
Law Chi-kwon

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