Political Parties, Organizations, & Figures    Non-profit Organizations
Hong Kong Democratic Party
The Frontier
Hong Kong Alliance in Support of the Patriotic Democratic Movement in China
Szeto Wah
Sin Chung-kai
Emily Lau
The Liberal Party
The People's Party
The Hong Kong Progressive Alliance
The Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong
Audrey EU Yuet-mee
The Hong Kong Transition Project
Hong Kong Voice of Democracy
The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor
Hong Kong Freeway
Hong Kong Development and Strategic Research Centre
Friends of the Earth
Green Island Society
Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of
Science and Technology
 Hong Kong Government    News & Media
Hong Kong Government
Regional Council
Urban Council
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hong Kong Tourist Association
Census and Statistics Department
Environmental Protection Department
Information Services Department
Hong Kong Government Information Centre
Information Services Department
Information Technology Services Department
Intellectual Property Department
Marine Department
Telecommunications Authority
Radio Television Hong Kong
The Treasury
Water Supplies Department
Hong Kong News in Chinese (Big5 code)
Hong Kong News in English
Hong Kong Newspaper Editorials
News On-Line from CUHK
China News Digest Gopher
Apple Daily
Hong Kong Standard
Ming Pao Electronic News
Sing Tao Electronic Daily
South China Morning Post
Electronic News Media and Publishing Consortium
Hong Kong Writers' Circle
NOT the South China Morning Post
The Nineties Monthly
Next Magazine
The Corner
Hong Kong Bridge
Morning Breeze Quarterly
Radio Television Hong Kong
HK Commercial Radio
Metro Broadcast
 Chinese and Hong Kong Legal Documents  
The Constitution of China (1982)
The Joint Declaration (1984)
The Basic Law of Hong Kong (1990)
The Hong Kong Bill of Rights (1991)
The Human Rights Committee and Hong Kong
The Constitutions of other countries
 International Organizations    Reference Materials
United Nations
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International Gopher
World Bank Gopher
Hong Kong: The Facts
World Factbook Info for Hongkong
 Travel Information    Education & Academic Institutions
Hong Kong Tourist Association
All you need to know for traveling to Hong Kong
Hong Kong Travel Guide
Hong Kong Travel - Hong Kong in a Nutshell
AsiaOne Travel: Hong Kong
Destination Hong Kong
Hong Kong Hotel Guide
CHABC Hong Kong HomePage
Hong Kong Schools
Welcome to Hong Kong Education Web
Chinese University of Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
University of Hong Kong
University of Macau
 Internet Providers in Hong Kong    Culture and Entertainment
Hong Kong Internet Directory
Asia On-Line
Global Link Information Services Ltd
Hong Kong Internet Gateway & Services
Hong Kong Internet Station
HongKongLink Communications
Hong Kong Star Internet Ltd
Hong Kong Supernet
IBM Global Network in Hong Kong
Internet Connections
Internet Online
Linkage Online
Vision Online
Hong Kong Survival Page
Hong Kong Movie Homepage
Hong Kong Movie Picture Library
Hong Kong Bridge
Hong Kong Cinema
Hong Kong Culture Page
Hong Kong Popstars Pictures
Hong Kong Chinese Music Troupe
Professional Recording Studios in Hong Kong
Reader's Choice Monthly
Who's Who in Hong Kong Music Industry on the Internet
Hong Kong Starting Point
Hong Kong Forum

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