11 February 1997

Martin Lee's French Trip: "Extremely Successful"

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee today wound up four days of meetings and speeches in Paris, France.  Martin Lee called his appointments in France, which included meetings with all political parties, top parliamentarians, business leaders and officials, "extremely successful."  He also gave addresses to France's two foreign policy foundations, spoke at the European Business School, INSEAD, and gave interviews on recent developments in Hong Kong to editorial boards and all major media.

In particular, Mr. Lee cited his meeting with the French Justice Minister, Jacques Toubon, with the President of the Senate, Rene Monory, and his meeting with leading parliamentarians at the French National assembly as demonstrating strong support for democratic institutions in Hong Kong.

Martin Lee commenting before his departure:

"The Justice Minister, Mr. Toubon, showed a clear understanding of the threats to the rule of law in Hong Kong.  He reiterated the French Government's support for the full implementation of the Joint Declaration and for elected institutions, and stated the French President, Jacques Chirac, would raise these issues on his trip to Beijing and Hong Kong in May."

Martin Lee travels today to Oslo, Norway, where he will meet the Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bjorn Tore Godal, State Secretary Jan Egeland and other top officials.  He will address a Joint Meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Justice Committee in Parliament and later speak at the Nobel Institute on Wednesday, February 12.


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