28 April 1997

Martin Lee Meets Margaret Thatcher

Legislator and Chairman of the Democratic Party Martin Lee today at Government House with former British Prime Minister Lady Thatcher.  They discussed the latest developments and future prospects for Hong Kong's elected legislature, rule of law and freedoms.

Commenting after the hour-long meeting, Martin Lee said:

"I was happy to have the opportunity to meet Lady Thatcher today and to find that the 'Iron Lady' continues to be firm particularly with regard to the Joint Declaration which she negotiated and signed with China in 1984.

Lady Thatcher has publicly defended Hong Kong's elected institutions and she clearly recognises that for Hong Kong people to have a genuine 'high degree of autonomy,' along with human rights and basic freedoms protected by the rule of law, then we must have a legislature elected by Hong Kong people and accountable to them.

Based on our meeting, I believe Lady Thatcher is very concerned to see that basic freedoms are not rolled back.  She believes that the solemn international promises made to Hong Kong people in 1984 must be honoured, and honoured in full."


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