1 August 1997

The Democratic Party Welcomes New Members; Uniting of Democratic Forces

Today Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee and other party members welcomed 12 new members from the Social Democratic Front (SDF) to join the party (the SDF was formed by former members of the Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood -- APDL -- who objected to ADPL's participation in the Provisional Legislature).

On 31 July, the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party approved the applications of the 12 new members, including two elected members of the Urban Council: Eric Wong Chung-ki and Grace Au Yuk-har and four elected District Board members.

Martin Lee warmly welcomed the new recruits, stating that the Democratic Party is a broad-based political entity open to all groups and individuals who believe in freedom, democracy and the rule of law. He noted the new members all have public support and strong track records of working for the Hong Kong community as well as rich experience in district affairs and community development -- which will be very helpful to the future of the party and in the 1998 elections.

Martin Lee commented that the new members would be an excellent addition to the Party's efforts:

"This is definitely good news -- it is a sign of vitality and unity that so soon after the handover, the party is expanding. Instead of being

marginalised by the eviction from the seats we were elected to in theLegislative Council, the support for the Democratic Party and our democratic allies is growing ever stronger. We intend to join together with all who share our beliefs to fight for democracy and to fight the 1998 elections."

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