28 May 1998

Martin Lee Welcomes US President's Visit to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee today welcomed US President Bill Clinton's upcoming visit to Hong Kong and China, which he hoped would send a strong message of support for the development of democratic institutions in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

Martin Lee commented:

"I look forward to meeting with President Clinton again when he visits Hong Kong at the beginning of July. I intend to discuss with him the implications of Hong Kong's historic first elections as part of China and how Hong Kong's positive example -- specifically in democratic development, civil liberties and the rule of law -- can enhance prospects for real progress in these areas in China.

I am also particularly glad the President will see Hong Kong's democratically elected representatives during his visit here, including elected leaders of other parties. I hope this will serve to illustrate the diversity of democratic voices in Hong Kong and to recognise the importance of the electoral mandate these representatives have earned from Hong Kong people."

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