26 March 1998

Democratic Party: No Chief Executive Meeting Before May 24 Elections

Since January 1997, the Democratic Party has had an agreement to meet regularly with Chief Executive C.H. Tung every two months, and more often when the situation required. When the party requested its regular public meeting at the beginning of March to discuss a number of important issues, including the rule of law and livelihood issues, Mr. Tung's office said that no public meeting was possible because it was "too close to the elections," although the elections were at the time almost four months away. Though the party disputed the refusal to meet its leaders, the decision was reiterated this week not to publicly see the Democratic Party leaders. The last meeting the Democrats had with Mr. Tung was on January 16, 1998.

Party Chairman Martin Lee said:

"I am sorry Mr. tung will not see us. An agreement is an agreement: Mr. Tung should be willing to hear from Hong Kong's elected representatives as he regularly does from members of other parties and their representatives in his Executive Council."

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