2 July 1998

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee to Meet with US President Bill Clinton

As announced by the White House, US President Bill Clinton will have a private meeting tomorrow with Martin Lee as part of his visit to Hong Kong.

At 11:40am, the two leaders will sit down together in the Chief Executive Suite of the Grand Hyatt Hotel following the President's keynote address at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Following their meeting, Martin Lee will participate in the President's meeting with civic leaders that follows. Afterwards (at approximately 12:30pm), Martin Lee will see members of the press in the small park opposite the entrance to the Grand Hyatt to take questions on the meeting and its implications.

Martin Lee commented

I very much look forward to seeing President Clinton again and to discussing with him the concerns of Hong Kong people. I was impressed with the President's joint press conference with Jiang Zemin and believe that the fact it was televised live in China was a significant development for Chinese people. The President's visit to Hong Kong and this meeting send the important message that the US takes a strong interest in developments in Hong Kong.

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