20 November 1998

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee to Receive Claremont Institute's Statesmanship Award, Address UCLA Group

Martin Lee departs tomorrow for a three-day trip to Los Angeles, where he will receive the Claremont Institute's annual Statesmanship Award and address the East Asian Speaker Series at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Mr. Lee will receive the Claremont Institute's Statesmanship Award after delivering a speech at the Institute's annual Churchill Dinner on Saturday, November 21.  Lady Margaret Thatcher received the 1997 Statesmanship Award. 

On Monday, November 23, Mr. Lee will deliver a speech on the state of democracy in Hong Kong one year after the handover to faculty and distinguished guests at the University of California at Los Angeles. 

In addition, Mr. Lee will meet with local Chinese-language and Los Angeles media and with the Alliance of Hong Kong Chinese in the United States.

For more information contact: 

Michael Y. Warder, Vice President for Development

The Claremont Institute 

Tel:  1 (901) 621-6825 

Fax: 1 (901) 626-8724

Professor James Tong

University of California at Los Angeles

Tel:  1 (301) 825-3464

Fax: 1 (301) 825-0778

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