January 11, 1999

Martin Lee Responds to Suen Criticism of Democracy, Democrats

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee responded today to a report in the South China Morning Post [January 11, 1999] that Constitutional Affairs Secretary Martin Suen told a visiting U.S. congressional delegation that the Democratic Party, the largest party in Legco represented "an extreme minority" and claimed Hong Kong people are not interested in the pace of democracy.

Martin Lee commented:

"It's appalling, if not entirely surprising, that the Tung Administration's top man on planning legislation for Hong Kong elections is attacking the top vote-getting party in Hong Kong and speaking dismissively of the people's interest in democracy. It is outrageous and disgraceful that Mr. Suen should be briefing visitors in this way and that his only response to being exposed is to complain that the remarks were supposed to be off the record. Mr. Suen's remarks are truly an attack on the rights and aspirations of the Hong Kong people."

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