18 March 1997

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee, Legislators Szeto Wah and Andrew Cheng Kar-Foo US and Canada Speaking Tour

[Outline Schedule]

March 18 - April 18, 1997
(as of March 18, 1997)

Seattle, Washington: March 18-19 (Program for Martin Lee alone)

Tuesday, March 18
6:55am -- Arrive from Hong Kong on Northwest Flight #18
Hotel: the Madison Hotel, 515 Madison Street; tel: 206-583-0300, fax:206-622-8635
7:00am Arrive port of Seattle VIP room
11:00am Seattle Post-Intelligencer Interview
11:30am Private Reception with World Affairs Council
12:00pm World Affairs Council Luncheon: "Prospects for Economic and
Political Freedom in Hong Kong after the Handover"
Venue: Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers, Second Floor, Ballroom
2:00pm Press Conference
Venue: Sheraton Seattle, Second Floor, Aspen Room
3:00pm Seattle Times Editorial Board Meeting
4:00pm Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial Board Meeting
5:00pm KCTS TV
7:00pm Dinner with Seattle Lawyers and Chinese-American Community Leaders

Wednesday, March 19
9:00am Meeting with Boeing Commercial Air Group, The Boeing Company
11:00am Private Tour of the Boeing Everett Plant
12:00pm Lunch with Seattle City Council
1:00pm Global Classroom Program - 40 minutes assembly at Bothell High School
2:30pm Requested Meetings Microsoft [TBC]
3:30pm Depart Microsoft Campus
4:00pm Reception with Seafair International Ambassadors
6:45pm World Affairs Council Lecture: "The Future of Democracy in Hong Kong"
Venue: the Madison Hotel, B Floor, Ballroom
Contact: Allan Oliver, tel: 206-682-6986; fax: 206-682-0811
8:30pm Coffee Reception; supper with Robert Van Leeuwen

Vancouver, Canada: March 20-22
Contacts: Mr. MA Lee Woo: 604-321-2684, Mr. Henry CHAU: 604-322-8693, Mr. Ray CHIU: 604-436-1115
Thursday, March 20
8:10am -- Martin Lee departs from Seattle to Vancouver on Air Canada Flight #1538
1:55pm -- Szeto Wah and Andrew Cheng leave Hong Kong for Vancouver on CX888; arrive 8:55am
8:55 am Arrive at Vancouver International Airport
10:00 am English Press Conference: Room C4420.0A, 4th Fl., International Terminal Bldg.
11:00 pm Chinese Press Conference: Room C4420.0A, 4th Fl., International Terminal Bldg.
12:30pm Speech: "The Future of Human Rights and Accountable Government in Hong Kong"
Venue: University of British Columbia, C.K.Choi Building
--Sponsored by Centre for China Research & Faculty of Law, UBC
1:30pm Keynote Address: "Eye on Hong Kong 1997"
Venue: Kwantlen College Richmond Campus
2:00pm Interview by Fairchild TV - C.K. Choi Building, UBC
3:00pm Interview by Fairchild TV
3:30pm International Center for Criminal Justice and Legal Justice Reform,
4:30-5:00pm Feature Interview (AC) AM 1470 Canadian Chinese Radio
4:30pm Feature Interview (SW & AC) Sing Tao Newspaper & Magazine
Venue: Coffee Shop, Plaza 500 Hotel, W 12th Ave. & Cambie St., Vancouver Vancouver programme, cont'd
5:00-6:00pm Meeting with Amnesty International
Venue: 6061 Highbury St., Vancouver
6:30-7:30pm CBC TV Public Forum [TBC]
7:30-9:00pm Private Dinner [TBC]
11:00pm Call-in Radio Show: Vancouver Chinese Commercial Broadcasting (SW & AC)
Venue: #3102-12811 Rowan Place, Richmond

Friday, March 21
7:30am Breakfast speech: "The Rule of Law in Hong Kong and How it Impacts
China" (ML)
Venue: Board Room, Hotel Vancouver, downtown Vancouver
-- Hosted by Laurier Institution
10:00am Vancouver Sun Editorial Board (ML)
10:00am Chinese Press Interview (SW & AC) Ming Pao Newspaper & Magazine
11:00am Press Interview (ML) Christian Information News
12:00pm Interview by UTV (ML)
1:00-1:50pm Call-in Radio Show: CBC Radio (ML)
2:00-3:00pm CKNW Radio (ML)
2:00-4:00pm Public Forum (SW &AC), Host: Fairchild TV
3:15-3:30pm CBC French International TV (ML)
4:00-5:00pm BCTV (ML) [TBC]
4:30-5:30pm Book-selling
Venue: Parker Place, Richmond
6:00pm Phone-in Radio Show: Canadian Chinese Radio (ML)
6:30-10:00pm Fund-raising Dinner with Chinese community (600 guests)
Venue: Floata Seafood Restaurant, Chinatown

Saturday, March 22
11:00-1:00pm Call-in Radio Show: AM 1470 Canadian Chinese Radio
2:00pm Public Forum: "The Future of Democracy in Hong Kong"
Venue: 7191 Granville Ave., Minoru Sports Pavilion, Richmond
5:00-7:00pm Book-selling Venue: Chinese Malls in Richmond [TBC]
7:30pm Speech: "Hong Kong: From the Union Jack to the Red Star" (ML & AC)
Venue: University of Victoria, at David Lam Auditorium, MacLaurin Bldg.
10:00pm Talk Show: AM 1470 Canadian Chinese Radio (SW)

Sunday, March 23
Leave Vancouver on AC 202 at 8:30am; arrive Calgary at 10:45am
Calgary, Canada: March 23-24
International Hotel of Calgary, 2204 Ave SW, Calgary; tel:403-265-9600; fax:403-265-6949
Contacts: Mr. Y.C. ENG: 403-274-9524; Mr. Wah KWOK: 403-547-5264

Sunday, March 23
10:45am Arrival
1:00pm Recording for Radio Program (ML & AC)
2:00pm Seminar at the Calgary Chinatown Senior Center
4:15pm Recording for Radio Program (ML & AC)
6:00pm Fund-raising Banquet at the Chinese Cultural Center

Monday, March 24
8:00am Breakfast Meeting with Press (ML)
9:00am Forum at University of Calgary
9:30am Speech at the Polytechnic (SW & AC)
11:00am Luncheon speech: "Political and Economic Freedom in Hong Kong after 1997" (ML)
Venue: Calgary Chamber of Commerce
Leave Calgary on AC 215 (via Vancouver on AC 534) at 2:15pm; arrive Los Angeles at 6:52pm

Los Angeles, California: March 24-26


Hotel: the Biltmore Hotel, 506 South Grand, ph: 213-624-1011

Contacts: Mr. Gabriel LAW: 909-627-1779, Mr. Alan Gleitsman: 310-457-6199

Monday, March 24
6:52pm Arrival
8:00pm Press Conference

Tuesday, March 25
9:30am Global Viewpoint Interview
10:00am Cable 32 (ML)
11:00am Los Angeles Times Interview, Sunday Opinion
12:30pm Los Angeles Times Editorial Board Luncheon
3:00pm Forum/Press conference at the University of Southern California:
"The Future of Freedom in Hong Kong" (ML)
Venue: the Annenberg School of Communications
3:00pm Interview by Sing Tao Newspaper (SW & AC)
6:00pm Fund-raising dinner with Chinese community at Lincoln Hotel (SW & AC)
6:20-9:00pm VIP Reception, Dinner, Address
Speech at World Affairs Council of Los Angeles: "The Future of Hong Kong"
Venue: Biltmore Hotel

Wednesday, March 26
Leave Los Angeles on UA 2256 at 8:30am; arrive Sacramento at 9:52am

Sacramento, California: March 26-27
3411 Arden Creek Road, Sacramento, CA 95825; tel & fax: 916-481-2681
Contact: Mrs. Alice GEE: 916-481-2681

Wednesday, March 26
12:30pm Press Conference
Venue: Happy Garden Restaurant
Thursday, March 27
6:00pm Fund-raising dinner with Chinese community
Venue: Yin Ranch Restaurant
Leave Sacramento by car at around 9:00pm to San Francisco

San Francisco, California: March 27-29
3.27: 8147 Redwood Blvd., Novato, CA 94945; tel: 415-897-7111; fax:
Contacts: Mr. Andrew LEE: 415-344-3808, Mr. Dennis LEE: 510-505-9344, Mr.
Frank WONG: 415-897-7111

Friday, March 28
9:00am San Francisco Chronicle, special write up
10:00am Chinese Press Conference at CAA
12:00pm Luncheon Speech to the World Affairs Council: "Can Hong Kong Stay
Venue: ANA Hotel, 50 Third Street, SF
1:30pm English Press Conference at CAA
3:00pm Speech at University of California, Berkeley: "Hong Kong's Future
under Chinese Rule"
Venue: Eshleman Hall, Bancroft Way and Telegraph Ave, UC-Berkeley
8:00pm Speech: "China's Takeover of Hong Kong" (bilingual)
Venue: Chinese Cultural Centre at Sunnyvale

Saturday, March 29
2:00pm Speech to Chinese Community in San Francisco: "Hong Kong after Deng
Co-sponsored: FHKMA, CDEF, AHKCUS
Venue: Holiday Inn, Chinatown
5:30pm Fund-raising banquet with Chinese community: "Hong Kong and the World"
Venue: Four Seas Restaurant, 731 Grant Ave
Leave San Francisco on UA 908 at 10:00pm; arrive New York on March 30 at 6:12am

New York, New York: March 30-April 1


Columbia International House, Room 1A, 500 Riverside Drive, 122nd St., New

York, NY 10027;

tel: 212-316-8400; fax: 212-316-1827

Contacts: Kenny KWONG: 718-353-8924, Anna YEUNG: 516-825-1103, Vivian YUEN: 201-656-0588

Sunday, March 30
12:00-4:00 Variety Show: Public Speeches, Bazaar, Photo-taking
Venue: Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Building, Chinatown
4:15pm Live-Radio Call-in Program, Venue: Chung Wah Commercial Broadcast
5:30pm Interview with the East Asian Review
6:30pm Fund-raising Dinner with Chinese community
Venue: Hay Wun Loy Restaurant
10:50pm Interview with CBS late night news program: "Up to the Minute"

Monday, March 31
10:00am Live Radio Call-in Program, Venue: Sinocast Broadcast
11:30pm Cable TV Channel 25 (ML & AC), Venue: Cable TV Studio, Downtown
1:30pm Cable TV Channel 16 ML & AC), Venue: Columbia International Guest
3:00-5:00pm Speech at Columbia University:
"The Future of Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Hong Kong"
Venue: Rm 107 Law School Building, Columbia University
8:30-10:00pm Speech at Yale University: "Democracy and Human Rights After
the Transition 1997" Host: Yale Law School

Tuesday, April 1
Leave New York on UA 6222 at 8:55am; arrive Washington, D.C. at 9:52am

Washington, D.C.: April 1-2
12332 Quiet Owl Lane, Bowie, MD 20720; tel & fax: 301-262-7349
Contact: Mr. Edwin FUNG: 301-552-4657, Mr. Steven FENG: 301-262-7349

Tuesday, April 1
9:52am Arrival
11:30am Washington Post Editorial Board Meeting
TBC Record National Public Radio "All Things Considered" [TBC]
TBC Chinese Press Conference
6:30pm Fund-raising Dinner for the Chinese Community: "The Future of
Democracy in Hong Kong"

Wednesday, April 2
Leave Washington DC on UA 1701 at 6:35am; arrive Boston at 8:03am

Boston, Massachusetts: April 2-3


Hotel: Holiday Inn, Somerville, 30 Washington Street, MA 02143; tel:

617-628-1000; fax: 617-628-0143

Contact: Mr. Albert TSE: 617-566-5903, Mr. CHE Chung Chi: 617-628-6671

Wednesday, April 2
8:03am Arrival
10:00am Meeting with Massachusetts Governor William Weld
Venue: State House, Room 360, 3F
12:00pm Speech at Harvard University: "Hong Kong: Why Freedom Matters"
--Co-sponsored by Harvard Law School's East Asia Legal Studies Division;
Harvard Asia Law Society; and the Fairbank Centre of East Asian Research
4:00pm Speech at Tufts University and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Symposium on "The Future of Democracy": "Hong Kong -- Democracy's Future"
7:30pm Fund-raising Dinner
Venue: China Pearl Restaurant

Thursday, April 3
Leave Boston on UA 280 at 8:45am; arrive Chicago at 10:23am

Chicago, Illinois: April 3-4
4217 Suffield Ct., Skokie, IL 60076; tel & fax: 847-329-8933
Contacts: Ms. Anita HSUEH: 312-326-5363, Ms. Kymie HWANG: 312-326-5363

Thursday, April 3
10:23am Arrival
11:30am Interview at Global Radio Inc.
Venue: Global Radio, Chinatown
2:00pm Press Conference at the University of Chicago
4:00pm Speech at the University of Chicago: "The Future of Hong Kong in
post-Deng China"
Venue: Max Palevsky Theatre, Ida Noyes Hall
7:00pm Fund-raising Dinner with the Chinese Community
Co-sponsored by the Friends of Hong Kong and Macau Association of Chicago
Venue: Three Happiness Restaurant, Chinatown

Friday, April 4
Leave Chicago on UA 416 at 7:44am; arrive Toronto at 10:08am

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: April 4-6
197 The Bridle Path, North York, Ontario, M3C 2P6
Contacts: Ms. Ody HEUNG: 416-447-4645, Mr. Tony WONG: 905-472-6579, Milton
WAN: 416-422-5973

Friday, April 4
10:08am Arrival
11:00am CBC TV French "Le Point"
12:00-2:00pm Press Conferences: Chinese/English
2:00pm Globe and Mail (Canada's National Newspaper) Editorial Board
Venue: 444 Front Street, W.
3:00pm Private reception
4:30pm Toronto Star Editorial Board
7:45pm CBC TV Pamela Wallin Live interview

Saturday, April 5
9:00am Meet with academics (Bernard Luk)
12:00pm Radio Forum with Fairchild Radio, Market village
3:00pm Canadian Press briefing
4:00pm Toronto Star interview
6:00-9:00pm Fund-raising Dinner with Chinese Community "Hong Kong Night"
Venue: Shangri-la Convention Centre, 50 Esna Park
Sunday, April 6
9:00am CBC Radio "Sunday Morning"
2:30-5:00pm Fund-raising Campaign with Chinese Community: "Hong Kong Forum"
Leave Toronto on AC856 at 7:15pm; arrive Geneva on April 7 at 11:05am

Geneva, Switzerland: April 7-8


Hotel: Hotel Mon Repos, Room 732, tel: 41-22-732-8010, fax: 41-22-732-8595

am Briefing session with NGOs

TBC Address UN Human Rights Commission

TBC Meet UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

afternoon Remarks to UN Press corps

evening Dinner with delegates from Commission Member countries

Leave Geneva on BA724 at 12:05; arrive Washington at 7:10pm

Washington, DC, April 9-12
Hotel: JW Marriott, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, tel: 202-393-2000, fax:
202-626-6991 contact Room 1557

Tuesday, April 8
7:10pm Arrive from Geneva
10:00pm Live Radio: the Jim Bohanan Show (in studio, with Congresswoman
Nancy Pelosi by phone)

Wednesday, April 9
9:00am National Press Club Newsmaker Breakfast
Venue: National Press Club Building, Lisagor Room
11:00am Interview with National Public Radio "All Things Considered,"
Venue: 635 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Studio 3A (Carol Klinger: 414-3025)
12:30pm National Endowment for Democracy Press luncheon
Venue: NED Office, 1101 15th Street, NW, Suite 700
2:00pm TV interview with Congressman Chris Cox, Jim Lilley
Venue:RHOB- B310 (Paul Wilkenson: 225-4847)
4:30pm House International Relations Committee Meeting, hosted by Chairman Gilman
Venue: 2173 Rayburn (Elise: 225-5748; Linda Solomon 225-5808)
5:30pm Meeting with Senator Connie Mack
Venue: 517 Hart Building (Suzanne: 224-7287)
6:00pm National Endowment for Democracy 1997 Democracy Award Ceremony
Venue: Russell Senate Caucus Room 325, Capitol Hill (375 RSVPs)
8:30pm Dinner with NED and Chairman Carl Gershman

Thursday, April 10
8:30am Breakfast with the US-China Business Council
Venue: the Willard Hotel
10:00am Meeting with Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott
Venue: S-230
10:45am Photo-op/Press Briefing: S-230 (Susan Irby, Press secretary)
12:00pm Editorial Board Luncheon with The New Republic
Venue: 1220 19th Street, NW
2:00pm Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing Testimony
Chairman: Senator Jesse Helms
6:00pm McNeil Lehrer News Hour (Live)
7:00pm Keynote Speech to Woodrow Wilson House International Affairs Dinner:
"Hong Kong: What is at Stake"
Venue: President Wilson Museum, 2340 "S" Street, NW

Friday, April 11
8:30am Breakfast speech hosted by the American Bar Association and the
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights: "The Future of the Rule of Law in Hong Kong"
10:00am The Weekly Standard Editorial Board
Venue: 1150 17th Street, NW, Suite 505
11:30am Meeting with Doug Bereuter, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Asia-Pacific Affairs
12:05pm Lunch with the Council on Foreign Relations Capitol Hill Asia
Roundtable and the Human Rights Caucus Staff, Venue: Capitol Hill, S-115
3:00pm VOA Interview: Jackie Luo, 330 Independence Ave, SW (C street entrance)
4:00pm Meet former Majority Leader Bob Dole, Venue: 810 First Street, Ne, 10F
5:30pm Meeting with House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Capitol, H 232
6:30-8:30 US Committee for Hong Kong Reception
Host: former US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh
Venue: Kirkpatrick and Lockhart law firm
8:30pm Private Dinner with FCC Chairman Reed Hundt

Saturday, April 12
9:00am Breakfast with Win and Bette Bao Lord, Willard Hotel
11:00am Radio Free Asia
2:30pm People Magazine interview: Andrew Martins evening Private engagement

Sunday, April 13
7:30pm Dinner with John Higginbotham, Canadian Embassy
Venue: the Willard Hotel, the Willard Room, 1401Pennsylvania

Monday, April 14
8:00am Speech to the Atlantic Council: "the Future of Freedom and
Democracy in Hong Kong"
Venue: University Club, 1135 16th Street
9:30am Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights John Shattuck
10:30am Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jeff Bader
11:00am Gerry Seib, WSJ. 14th Floor, Marriott
12:00pm Luncheon Speech to the Heritage Foundation: "Hong Kong -- Why
Freedom Matters"
2:30pm CNN Impact Interview, 820 First Street, NE
4:00pm Secretary of State Madeline Albright
6:15pm Dinner with Bill Sweeney and IFES 1)
Leave Washington on UA6512 at 9:15; arrive New York at 10:30pm

New York, New York: April 15-16


Hotel: Grand Hyatt Grand Central Station New York, tel: 212-883-1234, fax:212-697-3772

Tuesday, April 15
8:00am Asia Society Breakfast Speech
Venue: 725 Park Avenue and East 70th Street
11:15am New York Times Editorial Board Meeting
12:15pm CNN "Q&A"(Live) with Riz Khan
Venue: 461 8th Ave (33-34th on 8th)
1:30pm Speech to the UN Correspondents Association
3:30pm Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Meeting
200 Liberty Street, World Financial Center
4:30pm Wall Street Journal Report TV interview; live news interview
5:30pm Overseas Press Club Dinner Speech, co-sponsored by the Media Studies Center
Venue: IBM Building, 590 Madison Ave. (Madison and 57th), 64F
8:00pm Dinner with OPC members (Lotos Club)

Wednesday, April 16
9:00am UN Meetings
Under-secretary for Political Affairs, Sir Kieran Prendergast
10:00am Francesc Vendrell Director, EAPD, DPA
11:00am Institutional Investor Magazine Editorial Board
Venue: 488 Madison Ave
12:00-2:00pm Luncheon Speech to the Council on Foreign Relations:
"Hong Kong and China -- a Delicate Balance"
Venue: Council's Headquarters: 58 E 68th Street
3:30pm Time Inc. Editorial Board, including Time, Fortune, the Luce Foundation, ect.
Venue: 34th Floor, Time Life Building, Rockefeller Center
5:00pm Newsweek Editorial Board, Michael Elliott, International Editor
Venue: 251 W. 57th Street
Leave New York on AC325 at 7:20pm; arrive Ottawa at 8:37pm

Ottawa, Canada: April 17
Hotel: Chateau Laurier; tel: 613-241-1414, fax: 613-562-7030

Wednesday, April 16
8:37pm Arrival
9:30pm Cable Public Affairs Channel

Thursday, April 17
Daytime slots blocked for Foreign Ministry/Official Meetings
7:00 CTV National Morning Show
8:00am Speech to the National Press Club Canada
Venue: 150 Wellington Street, 2F
10:00am Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien
Venue: his Parliament Hill Office
11:30am Press Conference, Parliament Hill
3:30pm Recognition by Canadian Speaker of House in Parliament
TBC Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy
6:30pm Reception Hosted by Deputy Speaker David Kilgour, MP and Michael To
Dinner with Minister for Asia Raymond Chan

Friday, April 18
Leave Ottawa on AC318 at 7:25am
11:30am President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and National Security Adviser Sandy Berger
Venue: the White House
1:00pm Press Conference, Venue: White House entrance
3:00pm ABC TV interview with Andrea Mitchell

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