April 22, 1999

Democratic Party condemns HK Government's refusal to issue entry visas to dissidents

Martin Lee commented:

"The decision to reject the visa requests of eleven noted Chinese dissidents raises grave concerns about the independence of the SAR Government and the freedom of speech in Hong Kong. These activists were invited to participate in a forum discussing the future of democracy in China that will mark the tenth anniversary of the June 4 Massacre. The Government's claim that it has followed long-standing immigration policy in refusing them entry to express their views is simply unsupported by

history. More than half of these individuals had been allowed to visit Hong Kong prior to the transfer of sovereignty.

By targeting individuals outspoken in their criticism of Beijing and failing to explain its decision, the SAR Government has once again ignored basic individual rights and dealt a serious blow to the freedom of expression. These actions will undermine further the principle of one country, two systems."

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