24 February 1999

Democratic Party Calls Government's Motion for Clarification on Court of Final Appeal Ruling "Unprecedented"

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee called the Hong Kong government's motion seeking clarification of the Court of Final Appeal's January 29 ruling on the right of abode "unprecedented."  At a press conference today, the government announced that it had filed a motion in the Court of Final Appeal seeking clarification of the portions of the judgment dealing with the National People's Congress and the Standing Committee. 

Martin Lee Commented: 

"This is highly unusual, even unprecedented.  This motion does not fall into the two types of situations in which clarifications are ordinarily sought, that is, to correct clerical errors or explain the courtís instructions for implementing a ruling.  

At the end of the day, it is extremely important that the court's independence, and the publicís confidence in its independence, remains intact."


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