3 April 1998

Martin Lee and Democratic Party World Wide Web Site Announcement:

Today Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee unveiled his new World Wide Web site, the Democratic Party's English-language web page, and the party's updated Chinese-language web site (the Democrats were the first Hong Kong political party to go online with their Chinese site).

Martin Lee and Information Technology spokesman Sin Chung Kai explained the new site's highlights, including the latest press releases, recent op-ed articles, Hong Kong's key constitutional documents, a full list and biographies of Legislative Council candidates, a search engine, other Hong Kong sites, feedback capability and copious election materials -- as well as fun features such as downloadable Zunzi cartoons, pictures, campaign materials and graphics. Visitors to the site will find a wealth of reliable, up-to-date information about developments in Hong Kong, can sign up to receive press releases by e-mail and can communicate with Martin Lee and other candidates directly by e-mail.

Martin Lee commented:

"With the world increasingly interconnected and with Hong Kong's status as Asia's leading information centre, we believe it is essential to maintain close links with the local and international community. I hope visitors will be better able to keep in touch with developments here and that our site can be a useful source of information for Hong Kong's friends around the world."

Hong Kong is now just a click away -- come visit us at

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