24 January 1997

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee and Legislator Sin Chung Kai Leave for 10-city European Trip to Discuss Future of Hong Kong with European Parliamentarians

Democratic Party Chairman Martin Lee will leave Sunday, January 26 on a 10-city trip across Europe to discuss the future of Hong Kong.  Party Legislator Sin Chung Kai will accompany him for part of the trip.

Travelling to Europe at the invitation of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (which will sponsor the trip) and of the European Parliament in Brussels, the two democratic legislators will travel to Strasbourg, Brussels, the Hague, Amsterdam, Bonn, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Rome and London.

The purpose of their trip is to raise Hong Kong's profile in Europe, to emphasize the critical role Hong Kong plays as the heart of Pacific Rim economy and to explain to European people, politicians and press the challenges Hong Kong's 6.3 million people face as the 30 June 1997 transfer of sovereignty approaches.  They will discuss the implications for freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law of the impending handover to China.

In Europe, Martin Lee will give numerous speeches to parliamentarians, foundations, the media, business associations, legal groups, overseas Chinese and the public.  They will meet top Ministers and leading parliamentarians in the European Parliament, including addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and of all countries they are visiting.   In particular, they will be urging the European Community to adopt visa-free access for Hong Kong SAR passport holders.

Party Chairman Martin Lee will give a press conference tomorrow to discuss his trip and its objectives.

Press Conference Details:

Date: Saturday, 25 January 1997

 Time: Press Conference to begin at 4:00pm

 Place:  Office of Martin Lee

            704A Admiralty Centre

            18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong


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